Wednesday, February 21, 2007

1...2...3, Testing, Testing

So I am ready to start stitching on Winter for Project Spectrum. I know I want to stitch white threads on a blue background. I picked out this hand dyed fabric in 28ct Cashel linen and did some test stitches.

The first thread I tested was Rainbow Gallery Alabaster ( Needlepoint 13 - 18 count, Cross Stitch 7 - 11 count). Well, they were right. Using over two threads (14 count), this thread just about covered in one stitch. Two stitches just made a lumpy half cross and covered over the bottom stitch completely. I love the sparkly nature of this thread, but I will have to save it for needlepoint.

Next I tried two threads of DMC Pearlescent Effects. This is another sparkly thread, but much thinner. It almost covered the fabric, but is quite stiff and hard to lay. Just to see if adding another thread would help, I also tried it with three threads. Nope, just another lumpy mess.

By now it is also obvious that part of the problem will be the fabric. Although it is blue, it is not dark enough to really show off the thread, no matter how white.

So the next step is to change fabrics. I tried a Jobelean 28 count in Navy. Here the white really pops against the dark fabric. The only problem now is the Jobelean is so dark that is it hard to really be absolutely sure that you are stitching in the right holes. I'll have to work on this project during daylight. Two threads of DMC Pearlescent Effects still isn't as accurate or as covering as I would like. Time to forget the sparkly thread except maybe in one or two motifs. The winner is two threads of Empress Silk; shiny and covering. The only problem now is that it slips way too easily out of the needle. I need to get a smaller eyed needle.

Photographic neepery: This simple half hour project took three hours. Not only did I have problems with the threads and fabric, but taking these supermacro pictures turned into a true nightmare. Dozens of shots with my wonderful Panasonic DMC-LX1 camera only gave me a fuzzy mess. The first picture is the best I could do. I couldn't make the second picture come out at all. I finally asked my husband to use his Canon EOS-1D (with a tripod) and even then the bottom of the second picture is pretty fuzzy. I don't know if it is a problem with the autofocus or the image stabilizer or what. I really need a macro lens for this kind of closeup work.

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AnotherDayInParadise said...

Ah, first it’s canvas, then you want threads, then beads, now a macro lens, the next thing you know, you’ll be needing a new laptop so you can update your blog on the road.