Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Be Seeing You

Now that I have finished Silver and Gold, I can go back and work on Pineapple Fish. The painted canvas just showed a black slit for an eye on the large fish and dots for the small fishes. I knew I wanted to put on a bead instead, so last week I went to Bead Jungle in Henderson to find some funky black beads. Instead they had a huge plastic box of loose beads and I found this lovely aquamaroon glass bead. I like it so much better than black. I probably should have waited until all the stitching was done before attaching the bead, but I really wanted to see how it would look.

I think it looks great. My iPod is still keeping me entertained, so I am managing an hour or so of stitching every evening. Hooray!

Two Steps Forward and One Step Back

Although the beaded eye on the large fish turned out great, I wanted to stitch one of the small fish last night and see how the smaller black beads would look for eyes. I had decided that using the Petite Frosty Rays on the large fish tail was driving me batty. I really liked working with the Renaissance Designs thread for the sun, so I got some teal thread from Renaissance Designs to finish off the small fish. Just because one thread in a line is great to stitch with, don't assume that another color will be equally good. Threads from every other manufacturer have been similar in different colors of the same line. Not Renaissance Designs. I started with a shorter piece (ten inches) because the thread is metallic, but that wasn't short enough. Within a half dozen stitches the thread was shredded. I've tried even shorter length, but again, within a few stitches, the thread is toast! The stitches are lumpy and uneven, too. So. What now? I could pull it all out and go back to Petite Frosty Rays. Or I could muddle along and rethread the needle every five minutes. Meanwhile I am just going back and finishing the water and sky. I'll come back to the small fish later. Hmmmmmph. This project was going way too smoothly.

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Janet M. Perry said...

Love the bead -- what a great idea!

Keep Stitching,