Sunday, February 4, 2007

Creative Juices

What gets your creative juices flowing? For me, it is seeing a great new pattern or reading a new book or magazine showing something I just have to make. But after a while there are more projects that I have to do than I could finish in a lifetime. Then I end up not starting anything because I have too many unfinished projects. That's when I need a kickstart by doing something completely different.

In looking over other stitchery blogs I found lots of projects that people use to break out of old ruts and expand their imagination. There is Take a Stitch Tuesday, there are online classes, and there are project challenges. I wanted something a little more open ended. I travel a lot and might be away from my stash for a week or more. Anything with a strict time structure is not going to work for me. That is why I joined Project Spectrum. This is a challenge to see and explore three colors in two months over the course of eight months. You can express these colors in any medium -- taking pictures, by creating a sample or an entire project. The colors for February and March are blue, white, and gray. Although I won't be back to my stash until February 12, I do have some ideas and will be taking some photos to inspire me. But until there there is still a lot of stitching to do.

I did get a lot of stitching done on the Pineapple Fish yesterday, but I don't expect to get much done the rest of the week. Some close friends of ours are coming to see our new house in Hawaii Tuesday and spending the night. We all fly back to the mainland on Wednesday. I will be so glad to see them, but there is a lot of work to do in the next two days to get the house ready for visitors. Aloha!

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Luciluna said...

I loved what you said on my blog about WHY we blog. Those were indeed my unspoken thoughts. I think that aspect of the internet is the main reason it so appeals to me, because there ARE like-minded people out there. There are a number of people who are in mind and spirit brothers and sisters of mine, whose acquaintance I haven't yet made! Thank you, Kathryn.
PS I finished a canvas this evening! Whoopee!