Friday, February 23, 2007

Ebay Addiction

How did I wind up with all this Christmas Red Kreinik braid? Ebay. I don't even remember buying it all. But I do remember the first time I bought something on Ebay.

I registered on Ebay on October 28, 1998. Boy, that is a long time ago! I had bought a Hawaiian print in Honolulu for quite a lot of money. It was a WPA image from Eugene Savage that was used on Matson steamship lines dinner menus. I thought if I looked around on the internet, I could find more of these menus and I did. I felt quite pleased in getting more of these for quite a reasonable price. That lead to me bidding on old Hawaiian cookbooks and that lead to THREADS.

I don't know the first set of threads I bought from Ebay. When I first started buying them they were from closing needlework stores or estate sales. Most people didn't have a good idea what these items were worth. So often you could find Rainbow Gallery threads that were selling for $2 - $3 dollars per card in a needlework store, on Ebay for 10 or 20 cents per card. I bought antique silk threads, DMC floss for a penny or two per skein, other unidentifiable threads of odd composition. Gradually people got more savvy about these items. There were more people bidding on them and the prices were often no better than you could get at a good sale price. Sometimes the colors were so bad that even if it was cheap, I couldn't imagine ever using it! I learned to have a price point and stick to it even if I lost the auction. I also tended to bid on large lots of threads. Somehow it didn't make sense to pay a dollar or two for some threads and then pay four or five dollars for shipping.

So that's where I got all the Kreinik thread and Rainbow Gallery thread and even my favorites, silk thread and silk and wool. I also bought linen (and discovered Silkweaver hand dyed linen) and kits and patterns.

Looking over all this accumulation I think I am over my addiction. I haven't bid on anything in several months. But every so often I check out my favorite searches.

Do you buy threads from Ebay? Fabric? Kits? Patterns? Tell me about your addiction.


Luciluna said...

Hi, Kathryn. Please try my dollhouse link again. I hope I have fixed it.
Oh, eBay! Canvases, performing gowns that are cheap, snake tongs :-), fabrics. I have not yet bought fibers. Didn't know they were available! I expect I'll be in trouble, now, thanks to your heads-up! LOL

Luciluna said...

BTW, where did you get your wonderful Where From? I sure would like one of those, too. Do they sell that on ebay? Teehee.

Luciluna said...

Thanks for the link to the counter, Kathryn!

mull-berry said...

This reminds me of when I "inherited" some of my grandmother-in-laws stuff. I chose to take some silk flower arrangement even though the colors were very outdated ... with the intent of taking them apart giving them to my mom's less-fortunate girl scout troop for crafts.

Well, of course, she roped my in to teaching the class ... and I'm glad I did. Those girls were so gracious to have those icky gold flowers ... they made arrangements for their moms and were so very proud of them. They even earned some requirements for a badge that day. It was a very rewarding experience.

mull-berry said...

P.S. On a post below, you mentioned being unhappy with how the sparkle thread was lumpy ... would you consider using a touch of glitter spray (when it's done) to get a sparkly look?

Lynn S. said...

Hi Kathryn. I've been having a good time reading through your blog entries. You really make me laugh with your UFO dilemma.....I'm having the same problem as you and last year, I made a commitment to finish some of my own. I refer to my UFOs as Un Finished Ordinaries, because I start something that begins to bore me, then it becomes ho-hum and 'ordinary'. LOL

I've been buying on eBay off and on for a long time. Mostly I buy antique cotton fabric or antique quilt tops. My last purchase was some wool roving from a seller in upstate NY. I was very happy with the product. Funny but I've never thought of buying thread at eBay, but I have had a quilt shop and got all of my threads at-cost. Then when I closed my business, I bought out my store inventory for super-cheap prices. LOL

Stop by my blog if you have the time. Like you said, having a blog can help to keep you focused on your promises and your progress!

I'm working on an Elephant needlepoint panel, along with about 6 other projects. I learned that if I work on a number of projects simultaneously, my mind stays more active.

I'll keep checking in here, so keep blogging!

Pam said...

Hey Kathryn, you are so right. Blogging keeps you moving on those projects, cuz you feel like you need to report to other bloggers. I have used eBay quite often to locate hard-to-find charts.