Monday, February 12, 2007

Home Again, Home Again

It's good to be home again. Not only because my stash is here, but because my cats are. We bred and showed pedigreed cats for twelve years. These are the non-show Abyssinians that are left. First is the Brain Dead Kitten. Very sweet, but not very bright, and Abyssinians as a rule are very bright. Yes, she has a silly name, but sometime after naming a couple of hundred kittens and show cats, your mind just reaches a blank. Even though she is six years old, she's still The Kitten.

These other two are Precious and Vicious. The friendly kittens get sold as pets and breeders keep those that are not. I love them both, but they do not return the favor. But I did get a lot of stitching done while I was elsewhere. I worked quite a bit on the Pineapple Fish in Maui, then almost finished all of the sky on Silver and Gold on planes and in San Francisco.

Meanwhile I was still thinking about Project Spectrum. On Sunday I went to Discount Fabrics at Fourth and Bryant in San Francisco. It is a dim old warehouse stacked to the ceiling with every kind of fabric on huge rolls. I still don't like gray. I looked at dozens of gray fabrics -- silk, cotton, lace, fur, jacquard, and I failed to get inspired. Maybe it was the choice of white and blue as accents. I have tried a dozen different blues with gray (I thought I might do a quilt square), but I can't seem to find a blue that doesn't turn drab the instant it comes in contact with any gray. I just want to match gray to hot pink, which I probably will do with the interior of the two purses I am planning to make with this fabric. The wool will become a tailored over the shoulder messenger bag and the gray taffeta will become a small embellished evening purse. The two gray ribbons will be add to the crazy quilt ribbon square with white beaded snowflake. I still need a few more ribbons for that project.

I didn't get a chance to blog yesterday and I felt anxious about it. How strange it is to have something become a habit so quickly. I now have a few pictures and topics in the queue and should be able to keep up a daily blog this week. I can't promise the same fortitude next week. We have a lot of people coming for a meeting here on the 24th. Cleaning and organizing (then entertaining) will take priority.

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Coonie said...

Beautiful cats! The first picture makes me think of the cats you see on ancient egypt monuments