Saturday, February 10, 2007

Hooray for Boring Meetings

Sometimes a small travel project is just perfect for a boring situation. I had a long planning meeting today for a convention taking place over the Fourth of July this year. It was important that I be there. There were people there I needed to talk to and who wanted to talk to me, but for the majority of the meeting, other people were talking -- often about things that I really didn't care about. It's a lot less rude to do stitchery while people are talking than some other activities that are also going on (like reading or playing computer games). Since the meeting room was set up classroom style there was plenty of room to set up my threads, scissors, and needle threader and get some of this project done.

My husband is at museum show opening this evening, so I'll have even more time to work on this project. I will also work on it on the short flight to Las Vegas tomorrow evening. I'd like to get all of the sky done, then next week I should be able to finish up the small bits of snow at the bottom. It would be good to have one project finished for this year! Then I can start on my Project Spectrum monochrome project.

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