Monday, February 26, 2007

It's All in the Family

This pillow was stitched by my mother. It is one of my favorite things that she has ever done. It could be the very small count or the muted purples, blues, and greens or the beautiful navy velvet of the pillow itself. As a Master Flower Show judge, she does do a lot of flower motifs. She also did the brighter flower pillow you can just see behind my favorite one. What is odd is that I don't ever remember her doing needlepoint while I still lived at home. I learned to sew (and she helped me). My mother sewed many of her own clothes, even sewing copies of more expensive gowns. She is a terrificly good cook. My mother's mother was a professional seamstress and did beautiful Barbie doll clothes (including feathered pillbox hats) when that doll was first released. But I don't remember my grandmother or my mother doing needlepoint or embroidery. I think I might have done some stamped embroidery, a pillowcase or a handkerchief, but certainly not needlepoint. The first needlepoint I remember doing is a small Dimensions kit of some mountains that I did in my twenties. It is now hanging on the "Wall of Handcrafts" at my mother-in-law's house, which covers four generations of craftwomen.

My mother is slowly losing her sight to macular degeneration. She still attends her needlework club meetings, but can no longer stitch along with her friends. She can slowly stitch large count patterns with the aid of a lighted magnifying glass. She sent me this cheerful purse for Christmas. I plan on using it when the weather gets warmer.

When did you learn to stitch? Does your mother or grandmother stitch? Do your daughters (or sons) stitch?


Judy Bemis said...

I learned to stitch when I was in the 3rd grade, the winter I spent in bed with pneumonia. My grandmother (father's mother) taught me. She was in a guild for years, and I have some framed projects of hers as well as unfinished projects I inherited from when her eyesight went enough that she switched to photography for a hobby. My father taught me knitting and crocheting, I think. My mother's mother was a seamstress (even made me doll clothes including fancy Barbie clothes) My father tailored a suit for me when I was in the seventh or eighth grade.

Luciluna said...

Oooh! So pretty. I have been working hard the last four days but the camera left town on Wednesday with Anthony. Can't wait to take update photos!

PLEASE check my blog for a question I would like my stitching friends to answer!