Monday, February 19, 2007


Everyone has WiPs (Works in Progress). Everyone has older UFOs (UnFinished Objects). But do you have OFOs? These I call Old Finished Objects. Yes, you finished stitching them (even the back stitching). Yes, they are ready to be framed/made into something/given away, but you haven't done it yet. You may not have done it for a long, long time. This is the only piece I've done in Aida. The Silly Cow (out standing in her field) here was kit I did for my niece. To say she is a cow fanatic is putting it mildly. If her entire apartment could be covered in cow images it would be (and her kitchen is). I finished this probably six or seven years ago. I always meant to frame it and give it to her for Christmas, but somehow it got put away and I only find it again in the middle of summer. I am going to frame it Real Soon Now. Maybe then I can remember to give it to her this Christmas.

This piece is even older. When my niece was in college, she was in a sorority whose mascot was a ladybug. This was supposed to be a very small pillow in red plaid fabric. I may have even bought the fabric -- or maybe not. At this point I'll be lucky to frame it and give it to her. Though since it is not a cow, I wonder if she would even be interested in it now.

So I guess Silver & Gold that I just finished now goes into this category. I haven't framed it yet (OK, I just finished it yesterday, so it's really not that old). I'm not sure how I want to frame it or where I want to hang it. I'm going to start another project and go back and work on my Pineapple Fish. I bought some beads for the eyes and I am exciting about attaching them and seeing how they look.

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