Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Organizing the Sewing Room

One of the major tasks that I need to do in the next two weeks is organizing the Sewing Room. I wish this picture was representative of my organization, but unfortunately this is only my fabric collection. Yes, all in boxes, all with labels (some facing the side). But I have a lot more crafts (and craft magazines and books) than just this.

This is what my real sewing room looks like now. I was working on sewing a baby quilt for Christmas and when it was time to travel back east and deliver it, all the sewing supplies got dumped in here from the dining room. Unfortunately they were dumped on top of several other craft projects that I had unearthed, like my box of cross stitch linen, my boxes of DMC threads, and boxes of patterns. I've been trying to organize this room since we moved here three years ago. I finally got the bookshelves up and started to put some of the books and magazines away, but as you can see this is another UFO. It's not only craft projects that are unfinished. Like many people I work best with a deadline and on February 23rd someone is going to be sleeping in here. (See the sleeper sofa behind the dressmakers dummy? There is even a bathroom to the left.) So I am going to have to buckle down and clean this place up. Even if not every box is unpacked or every magazine is in chronological order, I will at least have to organize it enough so that I can pull the bed out and no one gets poked by some errant scissors.

The real problem with organizing is the distraction factor. There is a lot of interesting stuff in here. I know I will want to read a magazine or go over a pattern or contemplate some fabric when I pull it out from this mess. And that doesn't even cover the distraction of things with no permanent home. Just where do I put that dressmaker's dummy? Where does the large roll of batting go?
Some of the smaller stuff can be hidden in the closet (sorry no hanging space for guest's clothes in this bed and breakfast!) But as you can see, there is already a lot of stuff in here. (That flap of cardboard is hiding a needlework sampler of a pumpkin that Project Spectrum members will be seeing a lot more of in August and September when we cover Orange.)

Posting these pictures has gotten me excited about posting the newly cleaned sewing room pictures next week. So off I go. There is a lot to do.


Heidi said...

So much of what you say I can identify with! I just finished organizing my sewing room, and there's still stuff that really doesn't have a proper place. New book shelves, a design board, etc, all that still needs to be done. I can also understand about the distraction caused by "unearthing" new and unfinished projects. All the best with this daunting project and I can't wait to see the new room!

Pam said...

You were so smart to take "before" pictures. Do it in little stretches. Then you would get overwhelmed. You need an "atta girl" just for starting!