Sunday, February 25, 2007

Organizing Suspended

I wish the entire sewing room looked like this. But it doesn't. I did clean off the sofa enough to open it up. I did hang up the glass mosaic mirror that I bought in Venice last summer. I did put more books and sewing supplies away. All the books on the right are about sewing, quilting, needlework, and home dec. The books and magazines on the right cover remodeling, home building, and gardening. Many of those books are still in boxes.

As you can see, the closet is more organized (and more full). But in the midst of all this frantic clearing out and cleaning, my stitching friend from Los Angeles called and said that she was not coming after all. In a way this was a relief. We actually have a real guest room. I was only clearing out the sewing room because we were expecting more than one set of guests. At one point in time maybe about fifteen people from out of town said they were coming to a meeting that my husband had called to organize a convention in 2008. Now admittedly this is a long time before the convention will occur, but our committee is far flung and we will not be having that many meetings. So the rest of the house was spotless and my other guests could just use the main guest room. Until...they called around midnight and said that they weren't coming either. They had to drive to the SF Bay area unexpectedly. That's alright. The meeting was still held and there were plenty of local people who attended. I just wish that some of the out of town committee could have met them and could have taken the hotel tour.

So I abandoned the clearing up for now. I had actually scheduled way, way too much to do for this weekend anyway. We also run a photography foundation and give away yearly grants. We announced our grantees on Saturday. Now we just have to return all the prints and slides and organize the museum show that will be held in July.

Meanwhile, I did get a lot done. I found a lot of lost and forgotten objects both UFOs and yet to be started objects. And I do feel better about finishing organizing the rest of room sometime this year. Some of the boxes that are left aren't even sewing related, but just old boxes of magazines and papers.

Now we need to concentrate on packing. We leave on Tuesday and I want to make sure I have all I need for several stitching projects. I'll need something small for the airplane and the Pineapple Fish for long stitching days and maybe something else if I get bored with those two projects. At least I can find all I need now!


Cindy said...

You're so very lucky to have a sewing room! You'll get to the rest of the organizing when the time is right :)

Adana said...

OMG, I feel soo much better after seeing this room. Yours is lovely, mine is a pit compared to this, but like you I have more than many XS shows around the country that I've been in. I hope we both live a LONG LONG time.

Patti said...

You are really lucky to have a stitching room! All I have to do is get rid of our younger daughter, who is 35 I hasten to add, and then I can have a BIG sewing room and I NEED IT NOW! It's time she left AGAIN! I love your sewing room - mine is spread everywhere. Patti xxx