Saturday, February 3, 2007

Pineapple Fish Needlepoint

Now that I am past the technical difficulties of uploading this picture, here is my current large project.

I bought this canvas from Needlepoint of Back Bay in Boston in February, 2004. This is one of their own handpainted creations. The stitchable area is 8" x11" on 18 count canvas. The spirals are Rainbow Gallery Fyre Werks, a ribbon material that was very easy to work with. The tail is RG Petite Frosty Rays. The sun is Renaissance Designs. The ocean and sky are The Thread Gatherer Silk 'N Colors. The fish body is a chinese silk and the navy border will be finished with Rainbow Gallery Splendor. Lastly the clouds will be RG Fuzzy Stuff.

During 2004 I probably did not finish more than the sun, the spirals in the ocean, and the fish tail. I hated working with Petite Frosty Rays (a dual fiber thread) so much that when I was in Boston again in September, I got some more Renaissance Designs thread in the same color as the Petite Frosty Ray to finish the bodies of the small fish. When I was in a needlework class on using New Materials I showed the Renaissance Designs thread to the instructor and she hated it. It does look and feel like burlap, but it stitches wonderfully. Don't count a thread out until you stitch a square inch of it. I did part of the ocean and part of the sky in 2005. In 2006 I continued with the ocean, the sky, and the fish body.

I am determined to finish this canvas in 2007. Since I started listening to podcasts while I work, I am finding that I am spending a lot more time working. Just today I have finished the waves at the bottom and another square inch of sky. I will post another picture when the center motif is done. I am not going to stitch the eyes, but am looking for some interesting small beads. This canvas will become a pillow when I am finished stitching it.


Pam said...

Hey Kathryn! Thanks for commenting on my new blog. I love your fish! Did you get the canvas at that shop on Newberry St.? I visited there (for lack of a cross-stitch shop) a couple of years ago, and was quite impressed. Beautiful work - I will follow your progress.

Luciluna - I'm really shy... said...

LOVE the fish! So good to see some NEEDLEPOINT along with the cross-stitch, too.