Friday, February 16, 2007

Reach For the Sky

I've been working on this little travel cross stitch (Bent Creek's Silver and Gold) since November and last night I finished the sky. Oddly enough the sky is blue and gray (Weeks Dye Works color Dove), so I have been working with the current Project Spectrum colors. All of these threads are shades (have a very gray component as opposed to pure colors or tints [which are pure colors mixed with white]). I have found the colors to be rather depressing and was looking forward to moving on to another project that would be more colorful or at least work with purer colors. But I was also apprehensive about moving to the last phase of stitching which would be white (Weeks Dye Works color Whitewash). Somehow working with white thread is intimidating, even though I wash my hands before working on any of my needlework. Still white seems to be a dirt and cat hair magnet.

But the minute I started stitching it, the rest of the picture came alive! The colors looked sharper. The entire picture seems more cheerful. So I have to finish just a bit more snow at the bottom of the trees, add longstitch window crossbars and add the silver and gold charms. I should have it finished by this weekend. Then I can go back and work on my Pineapple Fish needlepoint some more and start on some Project Spectrum projects.

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