Thursday, February 8, 2007


I do love Maui. It is peaceful and beautiful. But every so often you long for something that is simply not available in the Islands. Like JoAnne's Fabrics and Crafts. Like a needlepoint specialty store. Like a wonderful lunch at Il Fornaio.

We flew to San Francisco yesterday. Another uneventful flight. Today my husband had a director's meeting at a local art museum, so that gave me plenty of time to shop for Project Spectrum. One project that I want to do is a crazy quilt snowflake. I am going to bead a snowflake on a background of gray and blue ribbons. I got some of the supplies at JoAnne's and I think I also have some at home. I know I have a lot more beads.

Another stop in the Bay Area that I just had to make was at The Status Thimble in Burlingame. It is my favorite needlepoint store, but it also carries some cross stitch. Today I found this monochrome cross stitch pattern from Erica Michaels. I want to stitch it on a blue fabric with white (and maybe gray) threads. I am thinking about using the new DMC Light Effects thread, but I will have to do a test first to see how it looks. If I decide to use Silkweaver Opalescent linen, which is already quite sparkly, I'll just use silk thread.

The reason I went to The Status Thimble is because I know they have walls and walls of gorgeous threads. I know I have dozens of blue threads and hundreds of white threads at home. (I'm a bit of an Ebay junkie when it comes to Rainbow Gallery and Kreinick threads.) But I don't know if I have any Gray threads. It's just not a color I use very often. I know I have Blue Gray threads and Green Gray threads, but pure Gray? Maybe some Alpaca. So now that I have them, what will I do with them? I could use the Splendor with the Winter pattern on some white linen. I might use Fuzzy Stuff or Wisper for the reindeer. Or I might so something completely different.

I still have one more store to shop at here in the Bay Area (for fabrics). I'll try to go tomorrow, but I have to prepare for a meeting on Saturday. Sunday we fly home to Las Vegas.

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