Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Travel Projects

As much as I like working on my Pineapple Fish, it's really too big to work on while traveling. Today we are flying to the mainland (San Francisco), so I will switch from needlepoint to a small cross stitch project. This is a limited edition project from Bent Creek called "Silver & Gold". The threads included are lovely Weeks Dye Works variegated shades. I enjoyed working on the trees and the house, but now I am doing the rather boring sky. The original thread for the sky was Dolphin, a much grayer blue. Since all the colors here are dull, I switched Dolphin to Dove, a much bluer gray. After this project I am going to find something with much more vibrant colors. Working on this color palette is somewhat depressing. Oh, you ask, why is it called "Silver and Gold"? Because the last things that will be added are lovely silver and gold stars and snowflakes. It will be framed in a wide rustic frame.

Mmmmm. I need to find a project for my Silkweaver hand dyed linens. I'm afraid I got a bit (OK, more than a bit) carried away in my last couple of orders. And being in San Francisco means many, many more tempting needlework stores (especially The Status Thimble in Burlingame) and fabric stores (especially Britex in San Francisco). Don't I need some great gray fabric or thread to inspire me?

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