Friday, February 9, 2007

Tunes to Stitch By

This is my new best stitching friend. No, this is not a new iPod. It is not even my first iPod. I am a Mac Addict and bought one of the very first iPods made. It lasted for years and years, but eventually the battery refused to recharge and viola! It's time to get another one. So this is my second iPod, a 20Gb Color Photo model (no video). I have used it on almost every plane flight to listen to music and while away those long and tedious airline miles. I also have an input from my iPod into my car radio and love listening to my iPod during long road trips. I even have special Road Trip playlists.

But recently I started to download Podcasts. Although I love listening to Podcasts, I always feel a little restless, like I should be doing something else while just listening. This picture was taken in my kitchen as I listened while cleaning the kitchen. So I started stitching while listening. Since I have hundreds of Podcasts I will get a lot of stitching done before I hear them all. Being a Mac Addict, I started listening to MacCast (weekly hourlong shows about all things Mac), then MacBreak, also Buzz Out Loud (tech geeks), Tim Goodman (television critic for the San Francisco Chronicle), The Splendid Table, The Ninth Hour (about the television show Heroes), George R. R. Martin (author), and The Grey's Anatomy Podcast. I have a new John Scalzi book read by different woman authors to sync when I get back to my iPod home computer in Nevada next week.

And I find that I love stitching more while I have something to listen to while I stitch. Maybe it's not as good as talking and stitching with a good friend. But my best stitching friend lives in Los Angeles and I only get to see her a couple of times a year. I can't stitch while the television is on; I just get glued to the screen. So what do you do while stitching? Talk to your family? Stitch with a friend? Watch television? Listen to music? Or just stitch along with your own private thoughts?


Luciluna said...

I love the idea of having an iPod in my car to listen to MY favorite music. I never remember to grab a cd or two before an hour long trip, so I am stuck with the darn radio!
BTW, it IS a cat vet I use. I haven't tried the paper bag trick yet, but I have no doubt it's a two person job!

maccast said...

Thanks for listening to the show and thanks for the mention in your post.

The Maccast

Heidi said...

Long live the iPod and podcasts! It's what gets me through the more borning bits of stitching and quilting and makes time pass by quickly. I'm a Mac fan as well, and live in a country where they are rare.