Saturday, February 17, 2007

UnFinished Objects (UFOs)

All of us have projects that we started with great hope and slowly (or not so slowly) abandoned. Sometimes the result wasn't what we expected or the task was harder or more tedious than we thought it would be. At what point to do just throw just projects away? How long do we hold on thinking that someday we will return and finish it? Maybe we will finish it on that mythical day When We Have Time. I hate to say it, but I have projects that I still hope to finish that I started about thirty years ago. Yes, 30 as in three zero. Probably longer than many of you have been crafting. You can see how old is it by the deteriorated tape on the edges. I started this project (a Japanese inspired pillow top from a kit) in 1977 in New Zealand. My husband was fanatical board gamer (the SGI military series that used huge maps, hex markers, and took three or more days to play to the end). He played with his friend, Alan, while Alan's wife knitted and I worked on this needlepoint. I didn't abandon it just because I moved back to the States and started working in Silicon Valley (which means 100 hours a week on a good week). If you look closely you will see the problem with many printed needlepoint canvases. The design is symmetrical, but the printing on the canvas is skewed. If you try to follow the printed colors, the design will be skewed. If you want to keep to the symmetrical design you will have to ignore the printed colors and finish the design by your own count. Obviously this task was more than I cared to handle at the time I reached this side. I still don't know how I would straighten out this pattern and make the pillow symmetrical. So I guess it will lurk in the closet for a while longer.

There is a similar problem with this needlepoint which is less than 30 years old, but possibly 20 years old (about the time we started breeding and showing Abyssinians). Here is another kit, but the difficulties are all of my own making. The picture shown is a striped tabby cat (genetically Tt). It has similar colors to my ruddy Abyssinians, but in a ticked pattern (genetically Ta). I thought I could just put a ticked pattern on the cat and make it into an Abyssinian. And I think I did a pretty good job on the tail and the paw. But it is a lot harder and more tedious path to make up a pattern than just color in the picture on the canvas. There is nothing technically keeping me from finishing this project, except the lure of easier or more interesting projects. I'm not really into the Country look, so I will probably work on something more contemporary than this project.

I won't say that I will finish either of these projects this year, but Maybe Someday.


Anonymous said...

I have projects like that, both my own (including two 'unicorn tapestry' patterns) and inherited from my grandmother (including a purse she started for my mother)

Judy Bemis

Enthral said...

Your work is AMAZING