Wednesday, February 7, 2007

What Do Colors Mean?

When Project Spectrum first came to my attention, I thought about my stash. I thought about all the DMC colors, all the Rainbow Gallery Threads (the white of Santa's Beard or Fuzzy Stuff), all the quilting fabrics I had in blue and white (maybe not gray). But more and more as I thought about these colors it was clothing that came to mind.

Blue to me means denim. From the deep blue black of new denim to the pale, striated blue of acid washed jeans. I might make a few needlework pieces in bright blue ribbon, but I know now that my Blue Work will have to use the old denim jeans that I have been saving for just the "right" occasion. Maybe a quilt square or a quilt "postcard". Maybe a pocketbook or purse.

Gray puts me in mind of gray flannel suits (maybe with a subtle white stripe). I am definitely thinking of a formal, tailored look of...something. But then I saw this fabric. This is a casual gray. This is a soft and fuzzy gray. Maybe I need to make a cat doll. Maybe I need a swing jacket. Maybe it needs hot pink edging. Gray needs a counterpoint. If gray is dominant, the counterpoint color should make the gray look ... more gray. I need to consider the photographer's gray scale. Gray in all its many forms.

White seems boring. White means weddings. White means snowfall (something rarely seen in Hawaii or Las Vegas). I need to jazz up white. I need white crystals, I need white sequins. White could be the shiniest of them all.

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Luciluna said...

Kathryn, I enjoyed your comments in my blog. I felt exactly the same with my musical canvas - fancy stitches would merely detract from its beauty. Thus, I believe, its complex fascination!
Aren't colors wonderful! They are the primary reason I love to work in fabrics. Thanks for the link!