Saturday, March 17, 2007

Baby Bib #1 FINISHED

Here is the first Baby Bib FINISHED, and my second Finish for the year. It is definitely the fastest finish ever, about one and a half days. But it is also the reason why I will never be able to accurately estimate the time it will take me to stitch something. I guessed that filling in the cross stitches in the lettering would take me two hours. Nope, it took more like five.

Why did it take so long? Because each letter has three different shades (DMC 797, Royal Blue, DMC 798, Delft - Dark, and DMC 797, Delft - Medium). I thought it would give me more of a contrast, but the effect is so subtle as to be nonexistent. By the time I decided that maybe only one color was needed, I had finished several letters and cut all the teeny tiny threads I needed to complete the design. Yes, this piece has to be washable, so every two cross stitch in the lettering took six inches of thread, folded over to create a loop knot at the beginning and a hand tied knot at the end. That is sixty six times of threading (and rethreading a lot) the needle, taking two stitches and hand tying it off. That's not exactly the calm repetition of stitching. It got so frustrating that I could sometimes only do a few letters at a time before I had to walk around and do something else instead. I got the first and middle names done last night and finished the last name this morning.

The one thing that all those separate crosses did though is provide an impressive amount of oorts! I probably only used a half inch of thread out of the six inch lengths.

And will the baby's family love it? Well, all I have to say is that she has her own NCAA tournament picks in the family pool. After the first round my husband is in the lead with 28 right. He picked Virginia Commonwealth over Duke (we all hate Duke) and Winthrop over Notre Dame. He would have done even better if he didn't have a fatal attraction to Bobby Knight and picked Texas Tech (but not Texas A&M). I'm in second place with 26 only because I expect the rest of the family went with family favorites like SEC teams (Arkansas lost) and Texas Tech.

Up next is not bunnies, but sheep and flowers. The bunny pattern had too many individual stitches and I was not up for knotting another hundred threads. This way I can just well bury the threads as I could for the basketball hoops and the basketball.

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mull-berry said...

Love the story behind this unique bib. The note on the Project Spectrum flickr site mentioned that this was your first attempt without a pattern, hence your own design. Did you enjoy doing your own thing instead of following a pattern?

And, below you mentioned a summer art exhibit ... my question about that is ... Over the years, have you noticed an increase of computer generated art or is dabbling in the real medium the most popular.