Friday, March 16, 2007

Baby Bib #1

Before we even knew the sex of the baby I bought six yellow bibs in an Ebay auction. I felt that yellow was an uncontroversial color. And though the baby is a girl, the parents are trying hard not to make her entire babyhood about pink. I am almost finished with the first bib. You are probably looking at this and really wondering why I chose these motifs. Basketball for a girl? Her name in blue? Was she born to two people over six foot? Well, her parents are tall, but her father was a football player in college, not basketball. No, she was born in Lexington, Kentucky, on NCAA Tournament Selection Sunday. Her entire family are wildly enthusiastic Kentucky Wildcat fans (hence her name in Kentucky Blue). Her grandmother (my sister-in-law) runs the family NCAA pool. Her great grandmother has spent the last six months watching every basketball game televised (both men and women and is a huge fan of coach Pat Summit of Tennessee). So of course, I had to make something that fit that theme. After all, her birthday will be during the tournament most years.

The most interesting things about stitching this are the facts that I got this to snap into some Q-snaps and that as much as I hated stitching the white on blue Winter pattern, I really loved stitching this. I am a huge fan of Q-snaps. When I was at Needlepoint, Inc. I saw two of their employees stitching canvas by the sewing method (bringing the needle in and out of the canvas in the same stroke). I had to admit I was horrified. I was taught to only stitch by stabbing (one stroke into the canvas, one stitch back out). I also am pretty fanatical about laying the thread down on the fabric and not pulling it taut. I Q-snap all my cross stitch and board and thumbtack all my needlepoint. It is really important not to stretch or distort needlepoint canvas as you stitch. It is much less forgiving than fabric about being blocked into shape if it has been badly distorted. So I may be slow, but I think it's worth it.

I also found working with this lovely blue DMC thread to be easy. Maybe it is just because each letter took only about five or ten minutes to do. You can see the progress fairly quickly. So why did I post this now, when I am probably only about two hours away from finishing? Because I need a shower, because I need some lunch, because UNLV beat Georgia Tech in the first round and I can step away from the television for a bit until Kentucky plays Villanova this evening. I do love college basketball, but I only have a few teams that I care about seeing (Kentucky, Oregon, Hawaii, and UNLV). And don't worry, the next bib is all about bunnies and flowers.

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