Thursday, March 8, 2007

Back to Cross Stitch

I love stitching this pattern. I don't know if it is because this is the world's cutest squirrel (even without his french knot eyes) or whether I just just like the colors. I have to admit that I love copper and coppery brown and gray greens. When we lived in California my entire second floor living room was green; green sofas, green rugs, green chair, green snuggly blanket. Even the windows did not have any curtains because I wanted to look out over the tall pine trees that cast a green shade into the room. Now that we live in Las Vegas, the green seems a bit out of place. We still have the green sofas, but they are in the family room. The living room has a large circular sofa in camel, copper, and black. It fits the desert views from the tall windows better. I have a desert scene needlepoint with these colors (and more) that I might start after I finish the Pineapple Fish. It's another good size project, so I don't want to start it until some of the current projects are done.

I didn't stitch as much as I thought I would during the plane trip across the Pacific. Instead I watched the inflight movie, Stranger Than Fiction. I dislike watching large screen action movies on a plane -- the screen is too small, there are too many people walking in front of the picture and the sound is always of poor quality. But films that are more about the dialogue, like Stranger Than Fiction, are good on a plane flight. I thought it was a great movie, but then again, I like meta-fiction (and science fiction). I'd like to watch it again from Netflix.

We accomplished all our appointments today, so tonight is stitching and podcasts. Tomorrow, since we are in San Francisco, I am going to visit Britex Fabrics and Needlepoint, Inc. My husband has the car, but I can walk to both of those stores. I don't really need any fabric or canvases, but it doesn't hurt to look, does it?

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