Monday, March 5, 2007


The first thing that I do before starting a new charted cross stitch project is to enlarge the chart. We used to have a photocopier that could enlarge documents to 150% and I would use that. If it took several pieces of paper to get the entire chart printed, I would use as many as it would take. Lately I have been using our all-in-one printer/scanner. I scan the chart in Photoshop CS2 and fit it to an 8 1/2 inch by 11 inch standard printer paper. This will work even for colored charts and keeps the original chart in good condition. It also lets me follow the chart, even with my glasses off.

I then mark the center of the chart and try to start stitching there. As I stitch each section (or sometimes just a single color), I use a highlighting pen to mark the chart as stitched. I get a great sense of accomplishment seeing the color spread across the chart. And in this case, when I am stitching with white thread, it is great seeing color in any part of this project. If I put a project down and pick it up a long time later, I can see exactly what I have done and what is left to do.

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