Monday, March 12, 2007

Home! and Back to Work

I knew this pattern would work up quickly. I was helped by having no television in San Francisco, a boring meeting, and a short plane flight. Though I have slowed down a bit now that I am doing the patterned sheep. I'm not sure how people estimate how much they have finished in any design, but I would guess I am about 80% done. I am not sure when this will get finished as I now have several Project Spectrum projects to finish before the end of the month and a some bibs for the new baby.

Yes, my nephew's wife had her baby two weeks early. Grace Elizabeth was born in Lexington, Kentucky, yesterday at 8:22 am. It was a relatively easy labor and all the family is doing fine. The only downside to arriving early is that their new home is still two weeks away from being finished. Now I really have to drop everything else and concentrate on making a few baby bibs. I found some patterns last night that are designed for these size bibs, so I should be able to finish them this week. I'll get to concentrate on stitching starting on Wednesday when my husband leaves for a week's trip.


Anonymous said...

What is this pattern? It is so cute! Love the patterned sheep and would like to stitch it myself!

Luciluna said...

Ooooh! I love it! Check out my singing santa