Friday, March 2, 2007

Project Spectrum: Winter

I finally started my first Project Spectrum inspired design. The three colors for February and March are blue, gray, and white. Although I love blue, I'm having a hard time with gray and a very difficult time blending blue and gray, even with white as a moderating influence.

I found this cross stitch pattern, Winter by Erica Michaels, at The Status Thimble in Burlingame, California. They are mostly a needlepoint store, but they do carry some interesting cross stitch.

It was meant to be a single color pattern, possibly using a variegated thread. I could see that it would look lovely using a dark blue linen with white thread. I previously auditioned several different white threads and ended up deciding on Empress silk. Though as I am working it up, it really doesn't have the shine I had hoped for and it frays rather easily. I like working with my silk thread on Pineapple Fish better than working with this silk. I wanted to use some gray here and the deer seemed like a natural motif for gray. I tried a much darker Rainbow Gallery thread called Wisper. It is probably great in large sections, but for the delicate areas like the legs and antlers, it is entirely too fuzzy. I also brought along a lighter gray, Rainbow Gallery's Designer's Dream, and it really is a dream to work with. It is a tightly spun, very fine, 100% wool. It is stitched with only one thread, but it lays beautifully, doesn't twist, and has a pleasant subtle variation. I am definitely going to use a lot more of this thread in future projects. I might use some of that somewhat difficult DMC Pearlescent Effects for a large central star. I also brought some Rainbow Gallery Petite Nordic Gold (in white) which might work better. I guess you won't see me doing any blackwork or redwork any time soon. I can't stick to one thread for very long.

At the top of this section you can see some elongated Smyrna stitches. They are actually a lot of fun to do. There is another band of them at the bottom of the project. I'm not very interested in large projects with difficult stitches, but an easy specialty stitch here or there is fun.

I've run out of Buzz Out Loud podcasts until I get back to the mainland and my main iTunes computer. So I've moved on to MacBreak Weekly. But enough of tech for a while. It's time for Shondra Rhimes and The Gray's Anatomy podcast.

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Tom said...

Hey there, you can always download Buzz Out Loud direct from the website.

We thanked you on a recent episode for honoring us with the cross-stitch. That rocked.