Saturday, March 10, 2007

LNS - Local Needlework Store

It is always good to have a well stocked local needlework store. And if you are in a cosmopolitan city like San Francisco, there is probably one not too far away. Behind this modest door is Needlework, Inc., one of the best needlework stores in the US.

The first thing you will notice is that the two side front windows have more than just pillows and wall hangings. They are also known for their exquisite finishing work. Besides pillows and rugs, they can finish all sorts of unusual items such as purses (check their web site for an extensive selection) and chairs.

Notice the small pouf footstool completely covered in needlepoint at the bottom of this window. But, of course, you want to see what is inside.

Like most needlework stores, the space is not large, but it is stocked from floor to ceiling with more canvases, threads, and equipment than I have ever seen in one place before.

This is only one wall of many covered with every kind of Rainbow Gallery thread you have ever heard of. Off in the corner on a tall set of shelves is part of their extensive collection of purses including some messenger bags hanging over the window.

This is the selection of baby and children's themed needlepoint. Besides threads on the wall, there are also several spinner racks of more threads. They also carry their own line of imported needlework silk in hundreds of colors.

So did I buy some exquisite canvases there? Well, no. My stash is quite large right now and though I was tempted by a Baby Sleeping sign with a cow jumping over the moon, I left it there. There will be plenty of things to tempt me the next time I go back there. I did buy several cards of Rainbow Gallery threads in various metallic colors (green, pink, and yellow). Those are the colors for April and May for Project Spectrum. I am already begining to think about projects for the next two months.

My second stop was at Britex Fabrics. If you want exquisite imported wools and silks, this is the place to shop. They also have a good selections of remnants (which is what I buy), sometimes at greatly discounted prices. I got several yards of wonderful shirtweight linen for under $10. I was just disappointed to see that their remnant section was much, much smaller than it had been before they remodeled their store. I also got some magnetic purse closures for the two purses in gray that I am working on for February/March projects for Project Spectrum.

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