Friday, March 9, 2007

Stitching Blogger's Question of the Week

I'm a little late here this week. Between the plane travel, a slow dial up connection here in San Francisco, and lots of meetings, I almost missed this question.
Today’s SBQ is:

Do you use your needle, a seam ripper, or something else when you have to frog stitches? Why do you use the method that you do?

I am a slow stitcher. I obsessively count and recount and re-recount my stitches. I match patterns up, down, left, right, and sideways. So I rarely have to frog more than a stitch or two. I will more likely have to restitch a stitch because I crossed in the wrong direction than I stitched it in the wrong place. So I use a needle to undo the two or three stitches that might be incorrect. I also stitch a test patch with thread that might be iffy. That said, there is one tree in Silver & Gold that is in the wrong place. I thought long and hard about frogging it all, but in the end it's a piece that I am just not that fond of, so I left the tree where it was (one stitch down too far). It looks OK and I will probably be the only one who looks at it and sees that it is wrong.

When we talked to my mother-in-law yesterday (we call her after the University of Kentucky basketball team wins a game), she told us that our nephew's wife is going to have her baby one week early. She is now due March 19th. Wow, I better get my needles flying. I have six baby bibs with a piece of Aida cloth sewn at the bottom. I was planning to stitch a few for her for Christmas, but the only handwork I finished for her was the quilted baby blanket. I think I can do one or two simple designs before the baby is born. I can start this coming Monday when I am back in Nevada. It will be interesting to do these. I have never done any stitching that was going to be washed. I might have to do some dreaded knots, just to make sure the whole thing doesn't come apart in the washing machine.

Today was a wonderful day in San Francisco. It's clear, sunny, and not too hot. Walking around the city was a treat. I got to visit a needlework store and a fabric store and bought stuff in both of them. I'll post pictures and my report tomorrow.


Luciluna said...

What is "frogging"? Is it unique to cross stitching? I had to rip out a LOT on my singing Santa this week. What a drag! But I getting close to finishing, and will probably post a picture in a day or two on

Kendra said...

Hi, thanks for your comment on my blog! What a bummer about the UK game today, eh?

As I was reading your blog, I saw your post about Maui and Hana..I've been there! DH and I honeymooned in Hawaii in 2001 and *loved* Maui. We took a tour out to Hana - went out on the south side, came back on the north side. If given the chance, we'd go back to Maui in a heartbeat. :-)

Luciluna said...

Thank you for the comment on my blog! Interesting site you included.