Thursday, March 15, 2007

Stitching Blogger's Question of the Week

This week’s SBQ was once again suggested by Danielle and is:

If you had $500 to spend on stitching-related items, what would you buy?

No question. I would spend it on framing. I can finish the needlework part of my projects, but then they seem to go in a drawer and I never look at them again. I really need to get a lot of things framed (or made into pillows). I might buy some specialty threads or maybe a canvas I just had to have (handpainted needlepoint canvases are so expensive). But right now I really need to sew down my stash and not collect more patterns I might never get to.

Saved by the question. I thought I would get right back to stitching once I got back to Nevada, but you know how it is when you come home from a long trip. There is so much mail and so many projects, that stitching gets put aside for a while. First was satisfying the IRS. Luckily my husband did most of the heavy lifting there. I just double checked a few things. Then the NCAA brackets (which takes a lot of research). We have had a family pool for decades. My husband won the pool last year and his mother the year before. I don't think this is my year, but I won't make the mistake of putting Kentucky (Go, CATS!) in the Final Four. They will be lucky to win a single game. Finally (the big project) was folding, signing, and mailing the returns for an art foundation we started in 2002. We decided on the grants at the end of January, but we still had to decide on the artists invited to the summer exhibition and notify all the applicants about their status. We are not quite done there, but at least 75% finished.

I have not completely forgotten stitching though. I have been charting lettering and motifs for the baby bibs I am working on. I should have some pictures to show tomorrow.

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