Monday, March 26, 2007

This Obsession Must END

Once again I stayed up too late to work on something I was bound not to finish in this session. At least I had a real reason for stopping.

I fell in love with Hillside Samplings Topiary Ornaments the minute I saw them. I bought II, III, and IV from a shop in Ohio last summer, but decided to stitch this one (III) for the Christmas Ornament SAL because oddly enough our Christmas tree last year was white with purple balls. I think I am going to keep the purple theme through out this year's ornaments.

I really loved stitching the border. Repetitive, but with the lovely purple and green variegated thread, each stitch was slightly different. I even loved the challenge of the over one 32 count linen of the date. What I did not like was finding out as I was stitching the greenery was that there was not nearly enough variegated green thread to finish. There was supposed to be a 36" length of six strand cotton done with two threads over two. What I got was 18"! It took me the entire 18" to finish the 9 rows I did finish and there are 19 rows in all. I don't think even 36" would have covered it! Thread is cheap. We all have thread left over from kits. Why would anyone try to short you on such a small item? I tried to find a matching thread in my stash (which has all of the Weeks Dye Works threads, all of the Sweet Six Strands threads, and all of the DMC floss), but nothing seemed right. Maybe it's a Gentle Arts thread.

Luckily they have a website with an email address. I wrote a note expressing my disappointment last night and received an answer this morning. Yes, some of the kits were wrong and were distributed before they could be adjusted. They will be glad to send me any missing threads. If any of you have any of these kits, please check them carefully before you start.

This may have been a good thing, though. I have been obsessed with stitching (and then blogging) and I have quite a few OTHER projects that I have sadly neglected. Tomorrow is recycle day, so I really need to go through papers and mail and toss most of it out. I really need to finish the foundation letter and update the website. I'm involved with organizing a convention in July and really have a lot of work to do on it this week. So until some of these projects get finished, I really have to curtail my stitching. I'm no longer worried that I will stop stitching (or stop blogging) and I think I can go without daily blogging now that I have found Twitter. :-) I'll be back when I have something finished.

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Kathryn said...

Hillside Samplings sent the missing thread (AND some more border thread) right away. Hooray for responsible designers!