Friday, March 23, 2007

Winter Continues

I'm back to Project Spectrum for a few days. I watched (well, more listened to) basketball and stitched. This part of the NCAA tournament is odd. My favorite team (University of Kentucky) is out of the contest, but there is still the family tournament pool. So I hope that the teams that I picked win, then I go and fall for some underdog to win anyway. I knew that Oregon probably had more talent than UNLV, but since we are living in Nevada now, I hoped that UNVL would win. I also found myself rooting for Vanderbilt rather than my tournament pick Georgetown. Although there have been some close games generally the higher ranked team has won, which somehow makes the entire event seems less exciting.

I have finished the large lettering on this project and just have a dozen plus smaller motifs to finish stitching. I should be able to finish it before the end of the month. In April and May the Project Spectrum colors change from blue, white, and gray to green, pink, and yellow. I also have two other Project Spectrum items I hope to work on, both involving beads. This might prove difficult to finish as days on the calendar are closer than they appear. I can't work on them this weekend. Tomorrow we have meetings practically all day and Sunday I want to work on an ornament for the Christmas Ornament Stitch Along. I have one picked out that I should be able to finish (at least the stitching part) in a day. But I have been optimistic before about the amount of stitching I can finish in an hour, so we will see how it goes.

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mull-berry said...

Very nice ... I like the way the white on blue works. Good choice!