Friday, March 30, 2007

Winter is Almost Over

I got a lot done on this last night. Accompanied by my trusty iPod, I finished several motifs and one more phrase.

I also started on the largest star. I always wanted to do this with sparkly thread. I had tried the DMC Pearlescent Threads, but found them too stiff. This thread is Rainbow Gallery's Nordic Gold, 52% Metallized Polyester, 48% Nylon done in a chain stitch. It says you can use it for cross stitch up to 18 count. I am using one thread over two 28 count, so it actually sews up pretty easily and does cover. What it does not do is co-exist very easily close together. I wouldn't try this with dense pattern, but this lacy pattern seems just right. Besides snowflakes don't have really sharp edges anyway. The thread is not actually light blue. It is actually transparent (and reflective). What you are seeing is the dark blue fabric showing through the thread. The effect is even better in person.

Again, I am moving away from a monochromatic color palette, but I will finish the rest of the pattern with the Empress white silk. I still hate this thread -- frays, slips out of the needle, catches on everything. I just have a row of camels, a row of trees, a box, a phrase, and a last row of elongated Smyrna stitches to go. I should finish by tomorrow. On Sunday the Project Spectrum colors change to green, pink, and yellow. Not my favorites, but I should find a few projects than can use one of the colors by itself. It doesn't look like I will even start the two gray purses I planned for March and April. Maybe I can do a green one.

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