Monday, April 9, 2007

Green Grow the Lilies, Oh!

I've made a lot of progress on the leaves. It's still fun to stitch as the picture comes into focus, but I have to say, there were a few scary moments. I know the whites and creams are pretty close in color, but I wasn't quite prepared for the closeness of some of the light greens. When I put the first stitch of DMC 3819 next to DMC 166, I thought that possibly I had stitched all the of 166 that I had done with 3819 instead. They were that close! But as I kept stitching I could see that 3819 was lighter and more yellow. In the picture they look quite distinct. I have managed to keep count and haven't frogged more than a stitch or two. I still wouldn't recommend this pattern to anyone who is stitching in less than ideal conditions of light and space.

Here is the top half of the enlarged chart. I'd guess I'm about 15% done and that is probably all I will get done this week in stitching. Today we are cleaning up in preparation for an extended trip starting Wednesday. I might get some stitching done on Thursday or Sunday, but we have meetings in San Francisco Thursday during the day and all day Friday and Saturday. We also have only a dial up connection in San Francisco, so loading up lots of pictures is less than optimal.

Although I did listen to a few podcasts working on this, mostly I "watched" baseball. The Oakland As were playing in Anaheim and FSN was broadcasting most of the games. We got a split of the four games there, which is not too bad for starting out on the road. Tonight is the home opener in Oakland, but we will still be in Nevada. We thought about getting tickets to a game while we were in San Francisco, but our schedule didn't leave us any free time. On Monday we leave for Maui to check on the progress of the landscaping. I hope everyone has a good week stitching.

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