Saturday, April 7, 2007

How Does Your Stash Grow?

Can you walk out of a needlework store (or online shop) with just one thing? I can't. I wanted to order this stitch guide for the Melissa Shirley 18 count needlepoint series called Halloween Town and found a copy online at Needlenook of La Jolla. They are quite clever small needlepoint projects that I could actually take with me. I've seen most of them stitched (and made up into standups with navy velvet backs and sides) at The Status Thimble in Burlingame, California. Since I like all things Halloween (and many Melissa Shirley patterns), I bought most of them there and found a few missing ones on the internet. But I have been too caught up in other projects to start them. I thought if I got this stitch guide, I would be prodded to start one of them.

So I looked around at other things in this online shop and found this canvas at a very reduced price. I loved the island flavor of it and thought it would look great in Hawaii. But now I have this canvas, but NOT the stitch guide. I don't know if the store ran out, will send it later, or just never saw this part of the order. And this canvas is huge. I would probably use a lot of long stitches to cover this quickly, but I can tell that I won't be traveling with this piece! So one more item to put in my stash.

I am also quite fond of French cross stitch. On another blog today I found a link to the designs of Madame la Fée, especially "La Potion Magique", another Halloween-like chart. And while there I just had to order another chart featuring red, one of the colors for Project Spectrum in June and July.

From time to time I resist the siren call of more stash, but like my fabric collection, no matter how long I resist, eventually I will buy something. At least this time I am stitching frequently enough that I can say that some of my stash will actually be stitched in this year!


Luciluna said...

Ah, stash! Lovely, seductive additions to the stitcher's banquet of colors and textures! It's so hard to resist; when I go to pick up a canvas I have ordered, I have the very devil of a time leaving with that alone! And we know how expensive the canvases are! My current canvas lust has been directed toward Mindy's hand painted beauties. Fortunately, they can be found on Ebay, too! ;-)
Thanks for your comments. The seller has agreed to our price, so it's down to the paperwork now. I am so excited!

Cindy said...

Oh my...that Halloween Town book looks fabulous! I love Halloween, but haven't really done needlepoint...but have seen a lot of the cute Melissa Shirley designs. I just might have to try these out!

Jane said...

I'm delighted! I googled the title of this book and up popped a link to your blog. I've been looking and looking at this Halloween town set and thought about ordering the stitch guide to see if it would be something I'd undertake. I was hoping you had the guide and could give me your opinion. I'll have to check back and see if they send it to you.

I saw an ad in Needlepoint News for Chandail Needlework. They are offering a monthly series for the houses and the goblin people for what I think is a fair price. (Should say that I'm not a customer or affiliated with Chandail.)

I've been wondering how they'd be finished so I'm glad you shared that the town looked good done in navy.

I'd really like to know more before I commit to such a big task!