Saturday, April 21, 2007

Local Needlework Shop - Maui

No, even though my husband had a shoot yesterday, I didn't get any stitching done. I was still coughing and spending a lot of time in bed. This morning I felt marginally better. Since I am not on The Wagon, I decided to treat myself and visit the local needlework shop, The Needlework Shop, at 505 Front Street in Lahaina. I have been there before and picked up some cross stitch charts of palm trees and ocean, but this time I was looking for something small and compact. Something I could use with some of my thousands of Ebay threads.

I found these three pieces. They are taken from traditional Hawaiian quilting patterns that are done appliqué style with a four fold repeating and centered pattern appliquéd in plain fabric to a white background. In larger bed sized quilts these can be very large and very detailed. I am thinking about making this a Project Spectrum design by stitching the orange as yellow and the red as pink. But then again I do like the colors the way they are.

This a Torch Ginger which is a large plant with a brilliant red head. I might do the "flower" portion in red, but I also saw this as a sample in the shop stitched all in purple on white. It was also gorgeous. This may be a candidate for a single variable thread.

This is the smallest design of them all, but I do like pineapples, so it might be the one I work on first.

Since it would be hard to be a single specialty store in such a small community, this store carries much more than just needlepoint. They also have cross stitch, both original patterns and patterns that would remind visitors of Hawaii, such as shells and waves and dolphins. They carry some sewing supplies and some yarns, mostly for ornamental scarves, since sweaters are never necessary here. But they are probably best known for their classes in Hawaiian quilting. They have already cut out pillow kits to use in their hands on classes or to take back and try on the mainland. And for purchases over a certain amount you can choose from their many small shell needle cases as a lagniappe.


I know some of you envy our house on Maui, but in the end it is just a house, needing just as much maintenance as a house on the mainland with many less resources to call on. On Friday our stove stopped working. Broken? Hardly. No, we had run out of propane. We had had a propane tank in California and the company regularly came by and checked it, filling it up when needed. Not so here. Here they are charging us a monthly fee for renting the tank, but don't fill it up unless you call and tell them to. My husband spent a long time even trying to decipher the gauge. And knowing service people here (it took over four months to get our land line phone service and we still don't have television service here after over a year), we might not get any propane before we leave on Wednesday. That leaves cooking on the outside grill or microwave. Or going out to eat.

Every day here is scheduled with myriad projects to take care of. My being sick has cost us several months of work, since we can't be back here again until June and that will be very quick trip. I'm starting to feel overwhelmed with the number of things that need to be done between now and September.


Luciluna said...

How frustrating to be unable to complete your plans! I really just caught on that Maui is your "sanctuary". How long is YOUR trip?

Jennifer said...

I loved reading this post! I grew up in Hawaii, though I've only been to Lahaina once. My mom does Hawaiian quilting, and I had never thought to try a cross stitch design like these. Thanks for the inspiration!

Bipti said...

Beautiful patterns above. Does this store still exist? We go to Maui twice per year .


Robin Ritchie said...

No they do not.

They moved then retired.

The yarn can be found at Binkys @ 626 Front St, Lahaina and some locally designed needle work kits too.