Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Send More Sheep!

Here is The World's Cutest Squirrel FINISHED. (It's only 8:30 p.m. here in Maui.) I didn't actually work on this on the plane yesterday. I was too tired and cranky. But my husband was on a photo shoot most of the day, so I had plenty of time to work on it today. I also ran out of Buzz Out Loud episodes on my iPod, so I just took everything to the computer room and stitched there. It's not the most comfortable place to stitch, but this way I could stream the episodes from last week and listen to them all. It feels a bit odd to be completely caught up. I've been listening to most of these daily broadcasts one or two weeks after they have been posted.

It was still a lot of fun stitching this pattern. Bent Creek patterns always make me smile. It's been so long since I worked on it, it almost felt like a UFO. I loved the colors, too. The oddest thing about stitching this was changing from the 32 count evenweave of Flower Fairy to this 25 count linen. All the holes looked as big as open manholes. It was easy to count and easy to put in four stitches in each hole. There are several other kits with this Sheep Theme and I want to do a couple more of them.

I'm not sure what I will work on next. I brought the Pineapple Fish needlework, the Flower Fairy, and the Hillside Samplings Ornament. I probably should work on the Flower Fairy if I hope to finish it by the end of May. It's not a large pattern, but it is quite intricate. I need to pay close attention to where I stitch what. I probably won't stitch tomorrow, as we have a lot of projects we need to work on. But my husband has another photo shoot on Friday, so I get another day of stitching.

A friend of us once asked us, "If you travel so much, how do you keep from catching all the viruses going around?" And the answer is, "We don't." I've been a little under the weather since Sunday, but today I know I am sick -- sore throat, muscles sore, and headaches. We tell ourselves if Bird Flu ever hits, we will be protected from it after having survived all these minor variations of viruses.


Kendra said...

I'm quite jealous of you! I'd love to be on Maui with a whole day to myself where I could just sit and stitch to my heart's content.

Enjoy paradise! :-)

mull-berry said...

My question about all your travels is way more shallow. : ) How does the humidity in HI and the lack of it in NV affect your hair? I spent a week on Oahu and my shoulder length hair curled up to my ears ... not very pretty, imo. Just curious ...

Hope you feel better soon.

Luciluna said...

So cute, your stitching! Feel better, PUSH FLUIDS!

Kathryn said...

Actually questions about the weather in Hawaii are not shallow. Weather effects us all!

I have very straight, very, very fine blonde hair that is colored (to be soft blonde and not dull blonde) and cut to chin length with bangs. Humidity doesn't effect it much, but the dry air of airplanes (and Las Vegas) does. I try to get my hair cut and colored every four weeks (with extra conditioner). I ALWAYS use conditioner when I wash my hair at home.. Last month we had a Russian friend with medium length curly hair touristing with us on Maui. In Las Vegas she keeps her hair fairly straight, but found it impossible to do so in Maui. Personally we all liked it better curly. :-)

The most extreme thing about Las Vegas (besides the snow that I was NOT prepared for) is the extreme dryness, sometimes as low as 9% for days and days. Both my husband and I have to be religious about using hand creme, foot creme, skin creme, and moisturizing hand soap. Do you know how hard it is to find a men's skin creme without fragrance? Harder than we thought it should be.

I am better now. Still a bit below my normal energy, but I should be OK to fly and OK for the retreat next weekend.