Tuesday, April 3, 2007

What Color IS It?

Most times you open a kit and look at the threads -- mmm, black, white, red, dark blue, light blue, olive green, spring green. You can separate the colors without too much trouble. Then you come to a kit like this. There are two shades of white here (White and 3865 -- Off White or Winter White). There is Light Beige (3866) and Light Flesh Pink (3770). There is Cream (746) and Light Gold (677). I do have a very good color eye and color memory, but the only way I could even begin to separate these threads was to pull out my bags of DMC floss and do a color match under my Ott-Light. Even then the two whites were pretty much a toss up. I think I have them right, but really? I'm not sure. Then there is the question of Very Dark Green (580). The thread they have in the kit is not the same thread as I have labeled 580 and it is not quite the same color family as the Dark Green (581) in the kit, which matches the 581 floss I have. Change it out or keep it?

What I am sure of is that this stitching won't look like much until I start the extensive backstitching in Dark Brown (839). With such a close color match on most of the cross stitch (and half stitch), it will need the back stitching to differentiate the color fields. I'll start stitching and then we will see.


Luciluna said...

Kathryn, I FOUND it! We have made an offer and await their reply. Thanks for your support.

Jennifer said...

Wow! That's crazy! I wish they would come carded already. I'd pay up for that!