Monday, April 30, 2007

When is a Finish not a FINISH?

When the stitching is done, but you can't call it an ornament quite yet. This was the ornament for the March Christmas Ornament SAL. I couldn't complete it in March because I was missing some threads. The owner of Hillside Samplings answered my plaintive email immediately and sent me the missing threads right away. I just didn't get around to stitching it until this weekend, the April Christmas Ornament SAL.

I still won't post a picture in the Ornament Blog until it is completely finished (sides stitched and stuffed). I also started another JCS ornament this weekend, but I don't have enough done to show a picture unless you can imagine a tree from only the trunk.

This past week has been a blur. Not only closing up the house in Maui until June, but flying to Nevada, then driving to Oxnard, California, this weekend for a board meeting. The board meeting/retreat was very pleasant, even though the weather there was very foggy. I remember why I was so glad to move from the Coastside (Half Moon Bay and Moss Beach, California) to the sunnier side of the San Francisco peninsula. During the meeting I could sit and stitch with friends working on knitting, cross stitch, and lace and listen to groups of people clacking tiles while playing mahjong. I'm not sure I understand the lace people. All those lace bobbins look very intimidating. And when they make a mistake, the frogging is definitely more difficult than just cutting out a few threads. They have to unwind everything.

I'm still coughing with a runny nose. I'm trying to get as much rest as I can, because Wednesday we fly to San Francisco for meetings through this weekend. I did do some shopping in Thousand Oaks and will post those pictures tomorrow.

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Dawn said...

The ornie looks wonderful! Hope you get to feeling better:)