Sunday, April 1, 2007


Yes. It is is finished (or at least completely stitched). It still needs to be blocked and framed. The pattern shows this made into a pillow, but I'd rather frame it.

The pattern is Random Thoughts of Winter by Erica Michaels. I bought it at The Status Thimble in Burlingame, California, specifically to use for Project Spectrum. Although the original design calls for 32 count linen with a single variegated thread (Weeks Dye Works Seaweed), I made some changes to the threads and the motifs. Since the colors for Project Spectrum for February and March were blue, white, and gray, I wanted to choose a pattern that would make sense using these colors. I thought this pattern would look good with a reversal of the color fields. So I used the darkest blue fabric that I had, a Navy 28 count Jobelan. This did make the pattern slightly bigger than the sample stitched on 32 count linen. For the white thread I used Empress Silk in white. To add gray, I finished the reindeer in Rainbow Gallery Designer's Dream in color D44. I also wanted a sparkly large snowflake and used Nordic Gold, ND4 (transparent and reflective) for the center motif. I really liked stitching with the Designer's Dream and I hope to use it again. The Nordic Gold was fun, but it shouldn't be used with close set blocks of stitching since it is very uneven and lumpy. I also added two Mill Hill beads in the centers of the medium sized snowflakes. If I stitched this again, I would add a lot more beads.

The last change I made was the word "santa". Originally this was the word "peace". I could use the pattern of the As from "peace" and "fa la la", but I had to design a compatible S, N, and T. The T was the easiest letter since I could just put a bar on the L. I'm not quite happy with the N, but I think the S turned out fine.

Overall, I am glad how this project turned out. I had hoped to finish three other items for Project Spectrum, but lots of my time was taken up with finishing the baby bibs. I might try to finish one more blue/white/gray Project Spectrum item in April, but I will have to find some projects using green, pink, and yellow. Those are the Project Spectrum colors for April and May. I'm not particularly inspired by the new colors, but I did get some Rainbow Gallery threads in those colors from Needlepoint, Inc. Now I just need to find a compatible pattern.


Heather said...

I think it's great. Well done on your finish.

mull-berry said...

This turned out beautiful.