Thursday, May 24, 2007

A Change in Direction

When I realized that I would not finish Flower Fairy before May 31, the deadline for yellow, green, and pink in Project Spectrum, I started to look around for something quick to finish. I was afraid that another cross stitch project would take too long. I had this needlepoint square that I bought in Maui that is only 6" x 6". Even if I have just a little time to stitch this weekend, I should be able to finish this.

The good thing about switching to needlepoint from charted cross stitch is that I don't have to keep looking back and forth from the fabric to the chart. The bad thing is that even hand painted needlework is not always perfectly symetrical. I started the second pineapple, then realized half way through that I was one row down from the first pineapple. In a symetrical design like this that is Just Not Acceptable. So I had to frog a couple dozen stitches. Those stitches were rather thick, too, as I am using a doubled thread of Rainbow Gallery Treasure Chest TC11 in a wonderful green gold. I'm also stitching in a diamond pattern that I just made up. I'm sure it has a real name somewhere, but I just wanted a stitch that looked like pineapple flowers. I have some Persian Wool for the green leaves and some Rainbow Gallery Splendor (silk) for the background. I haven't decided if I will stitch the leaves in some sort of straight stitch. I know I will stitch a plain Basketweave for the background.

I should be planning for my panels for the convention, but after traveling today, my mind is mulch. I'll probably go to bed early and get up tomorrow and work on them.


Dawn said...

It looks wonderful! Great job. Have a good weekend:)

Jennifer said...

Oh I love this! It looks great! I want to find some Hawaiian quilt patterns to make some ornaments for my mom for Christmas this year.

Ruth said...

Cool, Kathryn --- what are you going to do with it when you complete it?

Doubled Treasure... oh, have fun with that! lol

Enjoy those panels -- may only entertaining fights break out!

Kathryn said...

I'd like to make it the top of a wooden box when it is finished.

Doubled Treasure Chest teaches me the difference between cross stitch and needlepoint. In needlepoint sometimes you need STRENGTH! Yup, it certainly takes some muscles to pull it through.

No fights during panels. People are having enough trouble just FINDING the programming rooms in this Escher hotel.