Wednesday, May 9, 2007

A Gift from a Friend

Although I have some friends who knit or sew, I really don't have many friends who stitch. But I do have one friend who stitches even more than I do, Elayne. Her walls are covered with her framed projects and now she likes to find something to stitch for others. She bought two tiny needlepoint bookmarks and finished this one for me.

Well, not exactly for me. My husband is running a convention in Las Vegas in 2008. To attract more members, we often travel to other conventions and throw room parties to tell people about our convention. Sometimes these room parties have midnight raffles and Elayne sent this to me to raffle off for the Las Vegas 2008 convention. Personally, I'll be sad to see it go. I'm not sure most people would appreciate the hours of work that she has put into this.

Do you often give your stitching away to friends and family? Do they appreciate it?


Dawn said...

It looks great! If I make something for someone I usually have an idea of what I want to make beforehand so while I am making it I keep reminding myself it has a place to go.

Jennifer said...

Thus far, the majority of my stitching has been gifts for other people. I think they appreciate it! I hope so. :)

This is so cute!

Kendra said...

Most of my stitching stays right here in this house, either for me, my husband, or my girls. I have given a couple large pieces as gifts (one of which wasn't really appreciated...last chance for *that* person!), and I've made (and plan to keep making) little gift pieces for the girls' teachers.

Christine said...

Just popped over from Sharon B's blog to say hi! I have made several gifts for people who are not stitchers themselves and they were not appreciated for the "hand made with love" appeal.My work has been adored however by other stitchers, and so now I choose who to give handmade gifts to with care. Handmade takes time and patience so I'd rather do them for someone who appreciates my efforts.

Anonymous said...

If you hold it for Westercon, I'd love to see it - I appreciate how much work goes into it.

Judy Bemis