Saturday, May 19, 2007

Going Green Again

I can't believe it has been a month since I worked on this. I should have done another couple dozen stitches. I packed up my stitching this morning for a long, boring meeting thinking I would get a lot done. When I got to the hotel; fabric, threads, scissors, needle threader . . . what's missing? A needle! As I told my husband, it's hard to push the thread through the fabric.

Still, I'm not too disappointed in my progress. I did much of the leaf on the left last night. I'll also work on it this evening. I'm not quite sure why I stopped working on it. It's really quite beautiful. Will I finish it before May 31st, when Project Spectrum colors change from green, yellow, pink to red, black and metallics? Well, I have stitched to the edge on the left. There is one more large leaf in the middle and a few small leaves to the right, but nothing else at the top. There are thirty five more lines at the bottom, but many of them are half crosses. The entire design is only 5" x 7". Well, it will never get done if I keep staring at this picture. Back to stitching!

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Jennifer said...

Very pretty colors! LOL @ pushing the thread through the fabric. :)