Friday, May 18, 2007

Little Christmas FINISHED!

3,361 air miles later, this ornament is finished. Yes, I finished all the stitching except for the pine needles on United flight 149. Stitching and listening to my iPod made the miles fly by. That's not bad for a design that I kitted up last week, stitched Tuesday through Thursday and finished up last night. I waited until this morning to take a picture, hoping that the sparkliness of the fabric would show up better in natural light than artificial. I'm not sure you can see it in the picture, but it is there. I really like my thread changes. If I did this design again (especially on the 32 count fabric it called for rather than the 28 count I used) I would also change the three stitches on the ornament which were stitched in 644. It's just a basic grey. I think it would look better in a pink to better match the red ornament.

Since I still had a lot of Weeks Dye Works Hunter on my needle when I finished my pine needles, I went right ahead and started the tree in Winter ABC's. I've promised myself that I will change over to Flower Fairy today. I can work on Winter ABC's on my flight to Las Vegas on Sunday.

Right now I am off to get my hair done. I've tried several hair dressers in Nevada, but there is no one who can cut my hair like Marianne in California, who I have been going to for dozens of years. Since I have been coming to California for meetings every month, it makes it easy to get my hair done then, too. We are also buying an Apple Airport Extreme Base station. We finally decided to get DSL at the loft. Dial up was just too painful to use any more. Now we need to get all the computers here on DSL.


Jennifer said...

I can see the sparkliness a little. Looks very pretty!

Dawn said...

What a cute ornament! Great job:)

Virpi said...

Lovely ornament!

Ruth said...

Too cute! That's absolutely the perfect fabric for it. Aren't plane flights wonderful for enforced stitching? lol