Saturday, May 26, 2007

LNS: Burlingame, CA

I've mentioned The Status Thimble in Burlingame, California, before. It was my favorite local needlework shop when we lived in California. Now that I am back in Northern California for a convention, I was glad to go here once again. And this time I could bring my friends, Elayne and Joyce.

I actually needed some threads as I had run out of Treasure Chest TC11 after finishing three of the four pineapples. Of course they had that and I got another card of Splendor S800 just in case I ran out. I have so much stash right now that I wasn't tempted to buy anything else here, but I did look at several needlework magazines.

My friend Elayne (on the right in the red sweater), who stitches much faster than I do, found a gorgeous Japanese crane in a small circular pattern and a wooden box to mount it on, She got those and some thumbtacks to use with stretcher bar frames.

I am moving along with the Hawaiian Pineapple Quilt needlepoint. I should have some pictures tomorrow, depending how late we stay up throwing a party tonight. We usually close around midnight, but sometimes people just want to stay and stay.

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Ruth said...

Too funny. You're friends with Elayne and Bruce was one of my best friends.

Very small world.