Sunday, May 13, 2007

Local Needlework Shop -- Las Vegas

If you have only one local needlework shop, you are very lucky if it is as good as Stitcher's Paradise at Rainbow and Sahara in Las Vegas. They don't have quite as many classes as some other shops, but they are certainly well stocked with supplies and patterns for cross stitch, needlepoint, and even some punch needle kits.

Not only do they have patterns from every major designer (and some you have probably never heard of), but they carry lots and lots of wonderful thread. My favorite part of the store are the stitched and framed models on the right hand wall of the store. You can glimpse a few of them at the top of picture. There is a great framer a few doors down from the store.

But I wasn't here to just look around (though that is always very tempting). I needed stretcher bars for the needlepoint I bought in Maui. Not only did they carry the exact sizes I needed in the slim travel models, but they taped the edges of the needlepoint canvas. I also picked up some very small Q-snaps. If I am going to do more ornaments, I need more Q-snaps. Tools, you know, not just more stash. :-)

I was also still obsessed with kitting. I wanted to start this Bent Creek Design. I had the fabric and the Weeks Dye Works threads, but not the Gentle Art of Stitching threads. I picked up the missing threads and some Rainbow Gallery sparkly threads for the pineapple needlework. I also picked up several buttons for Lizzie*Kate's Winter ABC's. They had some cute Christmas package buttons that seemed more appropriate for a tree than the mitten the pattern called for.

But it's hard for me to stop by an LNS without getting at least one new pattern. This is a kit from Michael Powell from Wales. I have several of his Tuscan and Welsh kits. I really like the hand drawn, impressionist look of his work. It's Christmas-y. It has trees. It had to come home with me.

But I could not stop there. Once I was home again, I looked through my stash and picked out a couple more patterns that I just had to kit up. I ordered a few threads online. When they come in, I will post some pictures.

Now, back to work. There are only two more weeks left for Project Spectrum's Green, Pink and Yellow challenge. I have nothing finished and am way behind stitching on Flower Fairy. I've just been finding the ornaments more fun to stitch. But I am now in Chicago and my husband is at his conference. I have no more excuses. I better go stitch!


Cindy said...

I have been to Stitcher's Paradise, although it has been a couple of years :) We haven't rented a car the past few times that we have been in LV, so it hasn't worked out to make a visit. But it is a great shop :)

Jennifer said...

Oh, I love that new design! I have to admit that I've never actually been to a LNS. I don't think we have one in my town, but I need to find the closest one!

Thanks for stopping by and commenting again! My husband and I went to the University of Oregon, too! Go Ducks!

Chiasmata said...

That's quite a haul there! :D

I'd be lost without all my little Qsnaps, they're a great thing to have around.

I've been looking at Michael Powel designs for a while too, you've almost sent me off to stash some.