Sunday, May 6, 2007

The Mailman Bringith!

I know I bought a lot of stash in Oxnard, but I have also mentioned that I really like French cross stitch patterns. Not only do I have some kits from Paris, but I also have some Point du Croix magazines in French. My French is pretty rusty, but it is generally good enough to make some sense of written text (given a couple of hours). When I found Madame la Fée's website, I knew I had to have some of her designs. The first one I bought was this one celebrating the color red. That is one of the colors for Project Spectrum in June and July.

I also had to have this Halloween design with the red haired witch and the lovely bats. We like bats. We even have bats that fly over our pool eating bugs in Nevada in the spring and fall. And the black cat is also cute, although we have never owned a black cat. :-) The hardest thing about these patterns is figuring out the fabric count that they are expecting. It's all in centimeters!

Besides the lovely designs from France, I also got these nice patterns from Kimberly in Michigan at Kali's Creations. She was reducing her stash and I just had to grab up some of the ones that she wasn't going use. Notice the pattern? Trees and pumpkins. I won't have any problem finding orange things to stitch for Project Spectrum in August and September. I also got a Strawberry Sampler from Hillside Samplings since I enjoyed stitching the ornament from there.

I did not get any stitching done on the Flower Fairy this past week. I am almost finished with my April ornament instead. If I sew it up tomorrow, I will post a picture then. I have exactly five days to organize my stitching for the rest of the month. We leave for Chicago on Saturday morning. I want to have an ornament picked out for the May Christmas Ornament SAL. Maybe I will do the Lizzie Kate Christmas tree I just got. I will have to check my fabric and threads stash.

I hear my TiVo calling me. We don't have any television service in San Francisco or Maui, so we only watch television in Nevada and only after dark. They put huge windows in the family room and it is too bright to watch during the day. That's probably for the best!


Jennifer said...

These are all so cute!! Yay mailman! :)

Lana said...

Stop talking about my hometown again! youll make me cry! Please tell me you ate at In-n-out! Where int he world would you have a retreat in Oxnard?! hopefully ont he beach or by the twin towers on Vineyard Ave. love your stash!