Tuesday, May 8, 2007

March Ornament FINISHED

Here is my March Ornament for the Christmas Ornament SAL finally finished. I did finish stitching it during the April Ornament SAL weekend, but I wasn't anywhere where I could easily stuff it. So I had to wait until today, when I was near my stash and I could get all the equipment that I needed. It actually finished up in about an hour.

There were no instructions about how or what to actually stuff it with, so I just grabbed some Heirloom Batting and started cutting out bits and pieces that were about an inch or two long and kite shaped. I also grabbed a fresh, unused chop stick from the kitchen to poke the batting pieces into place. I folded the bits of batting over the end of the chopstick and just shoved them in. The picture of their finished ornament shows it pretty heavily stuffed. I thought that too much of the edge banding curved around to the sides and disappeared that way, so I tried to keep my stuffing relatively flat.

The most interesting finishing technique of this ornament was the joining of the front and back. Before cutting out the pieces (12 threads away from the edge), you stitched a running stitch, in the same color thread as the fabric, completely around the design over three threads. It's a bit tedious, but it makes the finish come together quickly and securely. Now you whip stitch through these running stitches and the edge just seems to disappear. It looks great and seems much more secure than just a running stitch through the front and back. There is a bit of a lump at the four corners, but you can smooth that out some when you poke the chopstick into the corners.

I am very happy with this ornament and now can move on and finish my April Ornament. It just calls for a running stitch around the edge and no stuffing.


Jennifer said...

Oh this is just TOO cute! I have the hardest time with finishing. I'll have to try this out!

Kimberly said...

Your ornament is adorable and the finishing came out great :)

Chiloe said...


I can help you with the french !!! Just e mail me ;)I love your blog. Thanks you for your comment: it made me discover your blog !!!