Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Pineapple Quilt FINISHED

You know how you want to finish a project by a certain date? May 31st is the last day for pink, green, and yellow in Project Spectrum. Now for most of the United States it is already June 1, but here in Hawaii it is still Thursday, May 31. I've kept my blog on Pacific (Standard or Daylight) Time, but for once I wanted both to post this project in May and to have one more May post. I was disappointed in my number of posts in April on this blog and wanted to only skip a few days in May. Therefore it was important to make this a May post.

Furthermore I wanted to finish this project in May for Project Spectrum. When it got to be almost midnight PDT (9 p.m. Hawaiian Standard Time), I thought about just posting the almost finished piece and then making a post tomorrow showing the finish. But I was SO CLOSE. I knew if I could just keep going for another fifteen minutes, I would be done. And so I am. Silly, probably, since no one is grading me or urging me to finish this. It's not even a present or an exchange. But if we don't create some of these artificial goals in our lives we would probably never get out of bed at all, much less do the things in our lives that we should be doing or the things that we want to do.

Now that this piece is finished, I need to find a box to mount it on. I saw some lovely boxes at The Status Thimble, but I wasn't sure of its exact finished size, so I didn't buy them. When I get back to the mainland next week I will work on finding just the right box.

So now that this project is finished, what is next? Well, even though pink, green, and yellow are over for Project Spectrum, I still want to finish Flower Fairy. I also brought my May Christmas Ornament #2 to work on. I might do a few stitches on either of them tomorrow, but starting Saturday I need to start working on the programming for the convention in July. It all needs to be done in the next day or two. All I need to do is come up with a hundred or so topics and find just the right people for each of these topic panels, then put them all in the right size rooms. So much easier than doing it for a larger conventions. It took three of us six weeks straight to program Worldcon -- 430 program participants, 20 simultaneous program items, over five days. This will be much easier.


Dawn said...

It is beautiful! congrats on the finish:)

Have a great weekend!

Chiasmata said...

Congrats on the finish! I make stitching deadlines for myself too. They're the best kind of deadline to have - fun to achieve, but nobody else cares if you don't make it. :)

Jennifer said...

This looks wonderful!!