Wednesday, May 2, 2007


Here is what I bought at Weaver's Needle and Frame. Of course, I don't need more projects, but if I can find a reason to buy something, I usually will. :-)

My husband and I will be going to Japan in August, so I couldn't pass up this very Japanese piece. It's small enough to take with.

This piece is for Project Spectrum in June and July when the colors are red, black and metallic. I'll be glad to leave green, pink, and yellow. I'm planning on making the package very sparkly. I did pass up a wonderful Art Deco purse design and several other modern pieces by mindy. Maybe next time.

I couldn't pass up these two cross stitch patterns, though I really did leave several others behind. Really.

Since I am definitely in a squirrel mood, I had to have the pumpkin, squirrel and black cat. I am always looking for lighthouse patterns for my nephew's wife. Yes, I finally got a handwritten note thanking me for the baby bibs, though she said she would save them for a special occasion. Sigh. I really did make them washable.

These are the supplies that I am really pleased about finding. I have several very small canvases and I needed some really small stretcher bars. And I got a selection of Rainbow Gallery Designer's Dream. I've already used some on my April Christmas Ornament (on the tails of two squirrels, naturally!)

We are headed to San Francisco this afternoon. I am going to take Flower Fairy and get some concentrated work done on her. I picked out some pink blending filament from my stash and plan to add some sparkle to her wings.

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Lana said...

San Fran...I'm about to start crying again! I love that city! I went to college in Santa Cruz, a mere hour away from the bay.
Have fun with your stash!