Sunday, May 20, 2007

Stitching Blogger's Question of the Week

This week’s SBQ was suggested by Juls and is:

If you could only stitch one more piece what would it be and why?

Oh, this is an easy question. The answer for me is Bothy's Cut-thru Rocket. I bought this kit from the UK last year. The first thing I did was replace the navy Aida with some Silkweaver Reflections Midnight. Yes, there are some sparkly threads in the kit, but I wanted lots of sparkles. If I hadn't started working on Project Spectrum, I would probably have started this by now. But with all the traveling we have been doing it's better for me to work on smaller projects that I can easily take with me. I might even start working on Cross-Eyed Cricket's Three Gables (which I have had kitted up for several years) before I get to this project. Three Gables is just smaller. I have a couple of Teresa Wentzler and Mirabilia projects that I would like to do, but I am not convinced that I ever will.

Why this project? I collect rockets. I run science fiction conventions. Science fiction conventions have art shows. Some of the art is amazing. When I started buying art, I decided to specialize in rocket ships, so I have rockets ships from Bob Eggleston, Jim Burns, Bjo Trimble and other artists both famous and not so famous. I also have rocket ships in ceramic and a rocket ship rug. When I saw this cross stitch I knew I had to have it. I might not get around to stitching it this year, but I will start it by next year.


Ruth said...

Hey Kathryn, I wanted to thank you for your kind words on my Quaker. I see we share stash. I have that rocket too. And I see we share a love of cons. I've never worked one, but I know my life would be far less complete if I didn't get to a couple a year. I wonder if I've ever been to one of yours? :) Wanna to a rocket SAL.... maybe next year?

Ruth said...

Kathryn --- No way! LosCon? You mean where I spend Thanksgiving every year? lol And, I must say, you did a bang up job on the Hugos at Anaheim. Good show!

Jennifer said...

What a fun design!