Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Stitching Blogger's Question of the Week

Here is this week’s question as suggested by Kathryn:

How many needles do you use during a project? Have you ever loaded up a needle for every color? Do you use a new needle for every project or recycle your favorite needle?

Since I asked the question, I do have some opinions on the answers. I would never have considered using more than the one needle provided in most kits if I had not bought about 100 assorted needles from a store going out of business. I had read that petite needles were useful for some projects and I wanted especially to try them. Like most of you, I do use only one needle during a project, but on a very complex cross stitch from Stoney Creek I tried using one needle for each color and I loved the convenience of it. This was, however, a very large project that was in a floor stand, so having the needles loaded, stuck in a piece of foam core and labeled with the chart symbols made a lot of sense. For most of my traveling projects, the extra space needed for a needle keeper would not make the same sense.

I do use different size needles on different projects, even if I use only one. And I do change needles when I break them ( :-) ), usually right around the eye. Right now on the pineapple quilt needlepoint I am using a very large tapestry needle because the threads are quite thick and I need a lot of leverage to pull them through. I use different size needles on 28 count than I do on 32 count. If you haven't tried using different needles for different projects, you might try using a petite needle sometime. I really like them for small gauge fabrics.

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Dawn said...

I break my needles in the same spot, too. :)