Monday, May 28, 2007

When You're Done, You Are Done

Well, I actually had enough Rainbow Gallery TC11 to finish all the pineapples without using the card I just bought at The Status Thimble. I also had JUST enough green wool to finish the leaves. But when it came to the white Splendor for the background, I started stitching with the new thread I bought at The Status Thimble only to find out that it was S800, while the Splendor I had brought from Henderson was S802 and S804. Mmmm. This is as much as I could stitch with only one card of S800. Back to The Status Thimble tomorrow for more S800. I'll need at least two more cards. But I should have this finished by Thursday, especially since I have a five hour flight to Maui on Wednesday.

I would never have finished as much on this needlepoint today if I hadn't been sick. I ate something funky this weekend and was staying close to the bathroom. I made all my panels at the convention, but I had to miss auctioneering at the Art Auction this afternoon. The convention is over for this year, but I need to do a lot of work designing the programming for the one that happens in only five more weeks.


Dawn said...

Your making great progress:) I just love the pineapples

Jennifer said...

It's looking great!! Hope you're feeling better.