Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Stitching Blogger's Question of the Week

This week’s SBQ was suggested by Ish and is:

What has been your most challenging project and why?

This is difficult question to answer. I think my most challenging project is still ahead of me. I have several kits that contain hardanger, but I haven't started them yet. I have a couple of needlepoint canvases that are even bigger than Pineapple Fish, but I haven't started them either. I have a needlepoint sampler from a class with hundreds of different stitches in orange that I will restart in August when one of the the Project Spectrum colors is orange. Right now my biggest challenge is just to stitch some every day and to keep up this blog. So far I am meeting this challenge, but if I can still say this next year, then I will have met this challenge.

Of the projects I have started, the biggest challenges have been the baby quilt and baby bibs, Pineapple Fish, and the Wedding Sampler. The baby quilt and baby bibs were challenging simply because I have often thought about doing projects for other people, but never finished them. I have a half started cape for my husband and have promised him a Hawaiian shirt in a chile pattern, but neither of these are done. I have lighthouse cross stitch patterns for my nephew's wife, but haven't started any. I designed the baby quilt and actually finished and gave it away in less than a month. I was amazed at my self. The same with the baby bibs. I gave myself a deadline and completed it. Pineapple Fish is amazing because it was a UFO for so long. Or maybe I should call it a Work in Slow Progress. I started it over three years ago and although I have not been working on it lately, it is still a WIP.

The biggest challenge that is still facing me though is the Stoney Creek Wedding Sampler. I started this cross stitch project in April, 2001, for my nephew's wedding. At about 70% done just before their wedding in July, I abandoned it, packed it up when we moved in 2003, and haven't even unpacked it since. (It needs a floor frame and I can't find the bolts for my frame though I do have all the wooden pieces.) This is the project for which I created the 42 pre-threaded needles and holder. It made all the many color changes so much easier to do. Because of last week's question about needles, I have been thinking about this project a lot and am determined to finish it this year. If I do finish it, it will have been my biggest project ever.


I have managed to conqueror time! I have changed my overall blog time to Pacific Daylight Time and have found that Blogger will allow you to change the time under the Post Options on the Create Post page. You can even go back and change the date and time on old posts, so that my post about finishing the Pineapple Needlepoint Square correctly shows the posting at 9 pm Hawaiian Standard Time. Unfortunately I can't indicate that is is Hawaiian time rather than Pacific time.

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